About Master Spanish Now – Spanish Skype Lessons

With a team of experienced Spanish teachers from Spain and Argentina, Master Spanish Now provides one to one Spanish Skype lessons tailored to your needs at an affordable price.

Professional student taking Spanish Skype lessons from her office

Why Choose Us?

  • Lesson can be taken at any time and any location
  • One to one private tuition from USD15.3/lesson
  • Lessons tailored to your needs and interests
  • Experienced and professional native teachers from Spain and Argentina
  • Different theme courses (Travel, Business, Tango Spanish, DELE preparation) available
  • No hidden costs, no materials fee

Who are We?

Master Spanish Now is the result of the work of an international team of professionals in the education field, focused on language teaching to foreign students with an innovative up-to-date and customized method to help each individual learn at their own pace, and achieve their own personal and professional goals regarding Spanish learning.

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is now one of the most spoken languages worldwide, and its importance is increasing day by day. Start learning now and be ready to take new challenges.

Why Skype Spanish Class?

Learning online is a very easy way of getting in contact with a new culture and language without the need to go to the country of origin. Skype lessons are great for those who don’t have much free time, or to avoid getting from one place to another to take a class.

Get more information by writing to admin@masterspanishnow.com and let us know what your needs and goals are towards Spanish acquisition. We’d be glad to assist you.



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