Tango books

8 tango books for devoted tangueros

8 tango books for devoted tangueros   Tango is a dance which embodies the rich culture and history of Argentina. After dancing for a while you may be curious about its origin and background. At times, you may need advice on tango techniques. You may also plan about visiting Buenos Aires, the mecca of tango […]

Spanish words for tango lyrics

7 essential Spanish words for understanding tango lyrics

7 essential Spanish words for understanding tango lyrics   When you are dancing in milongas, have you ever wonder what those tango lyrics you are listening to are about? While understanding the whole Spanish lyrics often requires a near-native level of Spanish, which we may not be there yet, knowing some words that frequently appear […]

Spanish tips

6 tips for hacking Spanish in one week

  6 tips for hacking Spanish in one week   So you are going to a Spanish-speaking country soon, and you need to pack as much Spanish learning as possible in one week! What should you do?   Fear not, follow below tips and you are guaranteed to learn the essential Spanish that you will […]

Present Simple Tense

The Spanish Present Tenses made easy! (I)

If you’re planning to start learning Spanish grammar, we recommend you start with the present tenses! There are several present tenses, and in this lesson we’ll start by explaining the Simple Present Tense (or in Spanish “el presente simple” or “el presente del indicativo”). When do we use it? In general we use it: To […]

Tango Ronda

7 essential Spanish keywords you must know for tango

7 essential Spanish keywords you must know for tango   Tango is a dance which origin is Argentina, and therefore many keywords are in Spanish. Learn the following 7 keywords which are often used, and improve your understanding of the dance!   1.    Cabeceo In milonga people usually make an invitation for dance with cabeceo […]

Speaking Spanish like a pro

Speaking Spanish like a Pro

A FREE Spanish learning eBook for all of you! To celebrate the First Anniversary of Master Spanish Now, we have a gift for everyone who likes our FB page! Speaking Spanish like a Pro ebook is for those who: -Have been learning Spanish for years but still can’t speak fluently -Have a busy schedule and […]

Spanish Proverb

Spanish proverbs of wisdom

9 Spanish proverbs of wisdom   Learning Spanish proverbs not only helps us to learn the language, but also gives us valuable insights of life. In this blog we have compiled 9 Spanish proverbs that descend from old wisdom:   1.”Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres.” -Tell me who you walk with, […]


Why learn Spanish for tango?

4 reasons why learning Spanish makes one an advanced tango dancer   When we start learning tango we usually focus on steps and techniques, which are essential for being a good tanguero/a (a tango dancers). However, if being a real advanced dancer is your goal, then learning Spanish will be an essential step for you. […]

Spanish Slangs

Spanish Street Slangs

10 Super Spanish Street Slangs you must learn before roaming over Spanish streets!   What should you prepare before hitting Spain? Apart from your travel guide, sunglasses and google map, learning some Spanish street slangs will make you fit in quicker and appear less like a guiri (the Spanish slang referring to foreign tourists)!   […]


Popular Slang words and phrases used in Argentina

Slang words in Argentina Slang words and idiomatic expressions, as we’ve explained in previous posts like 7 Essential Lunfardos for tango and Speak Spanish like an Argentine , are used in Argentina a lot, and you will need to learn them if you want to clearly understand what Argentines are talking about! In this post we are […]