10 interesting Spanish facts

10 Interesting Facts about Spanish Language! What do you know about Spanish? Spanish is a unique language which is spoken in many different countries around the world, such as Spain, countries in Latin America, the US and others. Want to know more about it? Check out these super interesting facts about Spanish! 1. Firstly, Spanish […]

Adults learning

4 tips for learning Spanish for adults

“I am too old to learn Spanish” –that is a lament I would occasionally hear from my grown-up friends. One thing that holds many adults back from trying to learn a new language is the belief that we can’t teach an old dog a new trick- As we grow old, we become forgetful and it […]

practice writing Spanish

Write to speak fluent Spanish

Writing is perhaps the last thing we would practice when we learn Spanish.When we start learning Spanish we usually focus more on getting fluent. Practicing writing is not as fun and glamorous as practicing speaking-we usually think about it as a tedious, boring and lonely chore. However, writing is an essential step leading to fluency, […]


Carnival is in the air!

Carnival, a worldwide celebration loved by Uruguayans! As January gets to an end, everyone starts feeling Carnival closer and closer. Its origin dates back to Roman Catholic traditions that occured before Lent, and it was brought to Latin America by Spanish conquerors. It’s a party everywhere! Although you might have heard mainly about Río de […]

4 steps for an effective Skype Spanish Class

Taking a Skype Spanish Class with a native teacher is a definitely a more effective and efficient way to learn Spanish than taking traditional group class: you can book a class at any time when you are free; you can take the class anywhere at your comfort -your home, your office etc. and save travel […]

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day in Latin America

People celebrate Valentine’s Day worldwide. Although its origin dates back to the Roman Empire, now it has become very popular. So everyone is looking forward to this day, especially those who have found their better half! This tradition is more and more celebrated in Latin America. However, the commercial impact is lower than in other countries […]

Romantic Spanish for lovers

12 Romantic Spanish Phrases for Lovers

Valentine ’s Day is coming, are you looking for romantic words to say to your sweetheart? Spanish is known to be the most passionate and sexy language, why don’t you learn a few cute Spanish phrases so to spice up your love life; to surprise and win the heart of tu amor(your love), telling him […]

survival travel spanish

Survival Travel Spanish – Start packing! (I)

If you are planning to travel to Spanish-speaking countries this Survival Travel Spanish lesson will help you. Learn the basics so you can  deal with the most common situations that happen during a trip, such as making the first arrangements with the hotel as well as organizing the return… Check out our first post and […]

4 tips to get fluent in Spanish

Why did I start learning Spanish?   It was because I want to explore Spain and Latin America.I want to chat fluently in Spanish with anyone I run into. I want to make as many Hispanic friends as I can who would be embracing me as their family. I want to know everything about this […]


Sunsets in Uruguay’s Atlantic Coast

Before talking about its beautiful sunsets, pay special attention to the water… When you look at the water in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, you can notice a brownish color. There it lies the Río de la Plata, the widest river in the world. It is also said to be a river as “wide as the sea”. […]