7 essential lunfardos for tango

Lunfardo is an Argentine slang which frequently appears in tango lyrics.   In this blog we will be looking at the meanings and usage of  7 common lunfardos, since they always appear in tango lyrics, knowing them will greatly help your understanding of the lyrics as well as the tango culture!   1. Malevo Malevo […]


Christmas Traditions in the Hispanic World

We want to share with you some traditions of Christmas celebrations in the Spanish-speaking world! Are these the same as in your country? How do you celebrate? Please leave us a comment below! A) ¡Fuegos artificiales! (Fireworks!) In Latin America fireworks are very popular and they start exactly at 12am, so everyone goes out of […]


The charm and peace of Córdoba (Argentina)

Surrounded by mountains, and located in the centre of the country, there lies one of the most visited Argentinian provinces: Córdoba. Here you can find a variety of towns, villages and cities, each with its own particular features. Many go in the Fall or in Spring to enjoy the breeze, the nice weather, the landscapes […]

6 Crazy Witty Spanish Animal Slangs!

Do you know that animals play a big part in Spanish slangs?   In this blog post we have compiled a list of 6 crazy witty animal slangs in which you will find dogs, goats, pigs and butterflies !   Enjoy and have fun using them in your next Spanish conversation!   1.A otro perro […]


Mate as part of the Argentine’s culture

Where is it taken? “Mate” (pronounced like “matte” in English) is the most popular infusion in Argentina and countries nearby such as Uruguay (who drink mate 24/7!), Paraguay and Brazil (Each with its own style and flavour). This infusion is prepared by putting some “yerba mate” (the herbs) into a container called “mate”and made of […]

4 tried-and-works tricks of learning Spanish for busy people

  Thought about learning Spanish, but gave up immediately because you think you are “too busy”? Worry you can’t devote long enough time to study? Before you decide you have too little time to learn Spanish, check out the following 4 tried-and-works tricks for developing a learning strategy which can be fit into your busy […]

3 free and fun ways for practicing Spanish!

  Learning Spanish but feeling bored to go through your grammar notes? Not getting enough “air time” to speak out in group classes? The following 3 ways would help keeping you motivated to practice outside classes (And the best thing is… they are all FREE!)   Sing a Spanish Karaoke In Youtube you can find […]

santa fe

Santa Fe, a friendly city

  Santa Fe City is the capital of Santa Fe Province, situated in the North East of the country and surrounded by rivers Paraná and Salado. It is connected to Paraná (the capital of Entre Ríos Province) by an underwater tunnel.   This small city of about 750 square km and a population of 500.000 […]

different dialects across argentina

Different dialects across Argentina…

  Multiple Argentinian dialects? You may be more familiar with the “Porteño” dialect, found in Buenos Aires.  Being the capital and most populated city in the country, its accent has become well known around the world, for its “Italian” style and its exaggerated sound of the “s” in words, apart from the two language features called […]