The beginning of the story: When Uruguay met Hong Kong….



Mica and Jean met online in 2010. Mica was an online Spanish teacher from Montevideo, Uruguay. Jean, the Hong Kong girl, was an enthusiast of Hispanic culture and a keen Tango dancer. Jean had just started learning Spanish by the traditional approach: taking a group class in a community centre after work. She was soon dissatisfied by the crowded class, the slow progress, and the lack of opportunity to speak out and practice. She decided to try out a new approach: taking Spanish class online with a native teacher. Mica was the first teacher she encountered.


The pair clicked immediately upon their first class and their friendship slowly evolved. In 2014, Jean made her first trip to Argentina to visit Mica. They finally got to sit down and share a mate* after 4 years of their once-a-week online encounter!


Not long after Jean had started her class with Mica she managed to do solo travel in Spain. She found herself able to talk to anyone she ran into- on the road, in the bar, in a shop etc…in Spanish at ease. Jean’s friends who were once skeptical about online Spanish class changed their mind after witnessing the progress Jean had made and started to ask Jean for referral of online Spanish teachers.


Our vision

Mica and Jean founded Master Spanish Now in 2016 with the vision of bringing students and Spanish teachers from different parts of the world together, and at the same time promoting the colorful and vibrant Hispanic culture through their Master Spanish Now blog and Master Spanish Now Facebook page.



In October 2017  Mica and Jean published their first book Tango Spanish and Buenos Aire Travel Tips together. The book is available for sale on Amazon in both Kindle and hard copy format.


Tango Spanish

Tango Spanish And Buenos Aires Travel Tips

What is Mate*?

Mate is a traditional infusion drink common in Argentina and Uruguay. It has become a symbol of friendship as it is commonly circulated between groups of friends during gathering.