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General Spanish Courses

Our General Spanish courses are aimed at those students interested in following a more structured and levelled Spanish Course, in which the student develops their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills equally, following a Communicational approach towards language learning, and following the CEFRL (Common Europan Framework of Reference for Languages).


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General Spanish Courses - Levels

These are the levels suggested by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

A1 – Beginners. The student becomes familiar with daily expressions and basic structures. The students can introduce themselves and other people and can ask or answer basic personal questions. With previous preparation, they can interact in a structured way, in basic situations.

A2 – Elementary. Students learn the most common words and phrases used in common situations such as shopping, answering personal questions, talking about their jobs, etc. In general, they are ready to communicate in situations related to short-term needs, and can share information about familiar topics or everyday activities.

B1 – Intermediate. Students are ready to talk about familiar and common topics and situations such as work and leisure. They can describe their experiences and ambitions, tell their opinions, talk about plans, and deal with simple travel situations.

B2 – Upper-Intermediate. At this point, students have gained enough knowledge to move one step forward. Now they can communicate on more abstract and complex topics, with a higher fluency and interact more naturally. The same applies to their written ability.

C1 – Advanced. Students are able to understand both explicit and implicit meaning, long and complex clauses They can communicate with more fluency and accuracy using appropriate language according to context. In writing, they can develop more sophisticated and complex texts about abstract topics and stating opinions, arguments, reasons, and more.

C2 – Proficient. Students can understand and communicate easily at a bilingual level without any hesitation. They should have the ability to summarize texts or contents in recordings or texts, paraphrase and rebuild arguments with coherence.

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What Our Students Are Saying About Their Classes:

Skype Spanish Class

“a very experienced teacher and supportive in class.”

Marcela is a very experienced teacher and is supportive in the class. Her knowledge is not only for teaching language but also cultural aspect that enlightening me more to learn Spanish


from Japan

Tango Spanish class

“It' efficient and easy.”

I am very happy to have found “Argentinean Spanish”. It is very unique and slightly different from Spain Spanish. I was able to relate and understand more in the place where tango was born. (...) Learning through ‘skype’ with this program is efficient and easy. I will surely continue until one day, I can converse fluently with my Argentinean tangueros.


from New York

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