Meet Teacher Mónica, from Argentina

Being a tanguera myself, I will help you to ​learn Spanish for tango

Mónica is an Argentine Spanish and English teacher with more than 15 years’ experience, working both at Spanish institutes and teaching privately. She studied at Ortega & Gasset’s institute, which is a very reputable school for Spanish teachers. One of the things she really enjoys is giving fun lessons and engaging students with interesting topics. She loves languages, learning about different cultures, travelling and dancing tango. She has been dancing tango for six years now in Buenos Aires and she is specialized in helping tangueros to learn Spanish for tango.

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    Learn ​Spanish for tango; learn tango culture .
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    Learn Argentine slang and lunfardos and speak like an Argentine!

Meet Teacher Marcela, from Argentina

I'll help you to learn Spanish for tango and understand Argentine culture

Marcela has been working as a Spanish and English teacher for over 20 years. She began her teaching career as a professor in the University of Buenos Aires before switching to work as an independent teacher. Apart from offering general Spanish and English classes, she specializes in teaching Spanish for tango dancers. She has taught renowned dancers and champions in international tango contexts. Being a milonguera (tango dancer) herself and frequent to milongas (venue for tango dancing) in Buenos Aires, she is an ideal person for offering insights of the unique Argentine tango culture and help you to learn Spanish for tango.

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    Learn Argentine slang, culture and traditions.
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    Become familiar with tango culture and lunfardo.

Meet Teacher Micaella, from Uruguay

¡Bienvenidos a mi clase! Welcome to my class!

Micaella is a Uruguayan teacher currently residing in Argentina. She has been working as a Spanish teacher for eight years, teaching students from all walks of life (kids and adults, beginners to advanced, interested in conversation, language advancement, culture and literature, and more...).  She is one of the directors of the school, providing assistance to teachers and students. Since 2017, and with the goal in mind of helping tangueros improve their understanding of Tango Spanish, she co-authored 3 books with her partner Jeanie Tsui. She can help you learn General Spanish, Travel Spanish, Business Spanish, Conversation and take your Spanish to a higher level.

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    Learn Argentine Spanish, Travel Spanish, Business Spanish
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    Take General Spanish Courses, improve your Spanish grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills.
Skype Spanish Class


a very experienced teacher and supportive in class

Marcela is a very experienced teacher and is supportive in the class.
Her knowledge is not only for teaching language but also cultural aspect that enlightening me more to learn Spanish.

Hiromi  //  Japan

Tango Spanish class

It's efficient and easy

Learning through ‘skype’ with this program is efficient and easy. I will surely continue until one day I can converse fluently with my Argentinean tangueros.”

Christina C.  //  New York

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