6 Crazy Witty Spanish Animal Slangs!

Do you know that animals play a big part in Spanish slangs?


In this blog post we have compiled a list of 6 crazy witty animal slangs in which you will find dogs, goats, pigs and butterflies !


Enjoy and have fun using them in your next Spanish conversation!


1.A otro perro con ese hueso




What does it mean when a Spaniard says “A otro perro con ese hueso.” (To give another dog the same bone)?


It means he/she is not going to believe a lie told by someone, or accepting an excuse from someone.  It is similar to “come of it” or “Don’t give me that”.


2.A otra cosa, mariposa


What does it mean during a conversation when a Spaniard says to you “A otra cosa, mariposa” (For another thing, butterfly)?


This is actually a signal that your friend thinks it’s time to move on to the next topic, or to talk about something else. He/she would then say “ A otra coas, mariposa.” In a light-hearted, friendly tone.


 3.El mismo perro con distinto collar


Another doggy slang!

What does it mean if someone says “El mismo perro con distinto collar.”


“El mismo perro con distinto collar” literally means “the same dog with a different collar”, which is usually used to express disappointment in the situation when someone is trying to convince oneself or another that something has changed, but in fact is just the same as before.


4.Estar como una cabra


What does it mean if someone says to you: “ Estas como una cabra.” (You are like a goat)?


Cabra (Goat) is often regarded as a crazy animal in Spanish culture, so if someone is “esta como una cabra”, it means he is off his head, doing strange things and acting like a nut.


 5. La cabra siempre tira al monte


What does it means by “La cabra siempre tira al monte (The goat always climb up the mountain)”?


This is an idom for saying what’s bred in the bone will out in the flesh-no matter how hard we try to change who we are, our roots still remains.



6. Echar margaritas a los cerdos/ arrojar perlas a los cerdos


Echar margartias /arrojar perlas a los cerdos (Cast pearls before swine) is a slang which shouldn’t be difficult for you to guess the meaning: offering your help to someone who doesn’t have a heart of gratitude; or wasting your effort in teaching somebody a knowledge or skill that is way beyond the person’s capacity.  


Do you know any other Spanish animal slangs? Which of the above 6 slangs you like the most? Leave us a message and share with us!


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