Ready for a Spanish meal?


If you’re planning to have a Spanish meal, check this lesson before!


If you’ve travelled to Spanish-speaking countries you may have noticed there are plenty of ways to refer to the same foods and drinks in country. It’s important for you to know the most appropriate words and expressions to address a waiter at a bar or café, to order your meal or ask for the bill. If you’re planning a trip to Spain or Latin America this lesson we’ll help you to grasp the most common words when eating out.


Useful vocabulary:


Waiter / Waitress = Mozo/a, Camarero/a, Mesero/a.

The bill = La cuenta.

The tip = La propina.

Starter = Entrada.

Main Course = Plato Principal.

Menu of the day = MProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetenú del día.

Dessert = Postre.

Restaurant = Restaurante, Restorán.

Bar = Bar.

Café = Café, cafetería.

Ice-cream shop = Heladería.

Fast-Food restaurant = Restaurante de comida rápida.


Common foods and drinks in Spanish


Meat = Carne (rare=poco hecho, medium = al punto, Well-done= bien cocido)

Chicken = Pollo

Fish = Pescado

Pork = Cerdo

Lamb = Cordero

Salad = Ensalada

Tomato = Tomate

Lettuce = Lechuga

Carrot = Zanahoria

Onion = Cebolla

Rice = Arroz

Pasta = Pasta

Meatballs = Albóndigas

Sauce = Salsa

Cheese = Queso

Ham = Jamón

Bread = Pan

Water = Agua (Plain = Sin gas, Sparkling = Con gas)

Juice = Jugo (orange = de naranja, apple = de manzana)

Smoothie = Batido

Strawberry = Frutilla

Banana = Banana, Plátano

Peach = Durazno

Milk = Leche

Coffee = Café

Tea = Té

Wine = Vino

Beer = Cerveza


If you go have a meal at a restaurant you may take notes of these useful expressions:


How to order:

  • I’d like ….. = Me gustaría …… Example: I’d like to order spaghetti with meatballs. Me gustaría ordenar espagueti con albóndigas.
  • I want = Yo quiero….Example: I want a ham and cheese sandwich. Yo quiero un sandwich the jamón y queso.
  • I’m going to order = Yo voy a pedir Example: I’m going to order a coffee. Yo voy a pedir un café.


How to ask for the check:

  • Could you bring the check, please? = ¿Podría traerme la cuenta, por favor?


How to ask for a table:

  • Hi, we’d like a table for two = Hola, nos gustaría una mesa para dos.

How to ask for the menu:

  • Could you please give us the desserts menu? = ¿Podría por favor traernos la carta de postres?