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Survival Travel Spanish – Start packing! (I)

If you are planning to travel to Spanish-speaking countries this Survival Travel Spanish lesson will help you. Learn the basics so you can  deal with the most common situations that happen during a trip, such as making the first arrangements with the hotel as well as organizing the return…

Check out our first post and let us know your thoughts! Are you ready to make bookings and inquiries at hotels?

How to book a hotel room:

Due to the internet, you can make all your bookings in English through sites such as Booking, Airbnb, Despegar and many others. But in case you need to make your booking by email, this is a sample email you can use!

Estimados Sres.:

Mi nombre es (complete with your name) y quiero realizar una reserva del (complete with check-in date) al (complete with check-out date) de una habitación (complete with type of room). Somos (complete with number of guests) personas ( __ adultos / __ niños).  My name is ________ and I’d like to make a reservation from (check-in date) to (check-out date) for a (double/single) room. We are (number) people (__ adults / __ kids).

Le agradezco me informe si tiene disponibilidad para esas fechas, y el precio total (y por favor, indique si hay impuestos no incluidos en el precio). I would appreciate if you can tell me whether you have availability for those dates and the total price (and please let me know if there are taxes not included in the price).

Saludo cordial, Regards,


Types of rooms:

Maybe you’re wondering how to complete the type of room, although most of the vocabulary for this is very similar to English! Thanks to globalization, making a hotel booking is actually pretty easy as most of the language used is the standard worldwide, like: booking, check-in, check-out, and many othes. Anyways, here in our first Survival Travel Spanish we explain some options! 

Habitación doble/single o simple/triple = Double/Single/Triple Room (In general here you need to specify if it is a twin room = Habitación Twin or a double room for a couple = Habitación doble matrimonial).


Apartamento = Apartment

Suite = Suite

Habitación Estándar/Ejecutiva/de Lujo= Standard/Executive/Luxury room

Suite Presidencial = Presidential Suite

Here’s another sample email from our Survival Travel Spanish lesson:

What if  you need to ask about services, facilities and check-in and check-out times? It is very important for you to know how to ask these questions, as you would like to plan in advance considering the services and facilities provided by the hotel. Whether you can have lunch at their restaurant or not might be important if the hotel is not located in the city centre and there are not many options nearby. So pay attention to the questions below and choose the ones that suit you!

Estimados Sres: / Dear Sir/Madam,

Quisiera recibir información sobre los servicios que ofrece el hotel, así como las instalaciones que posee.  I would like to receive information about the services offered by the hotel as well as the facilities it has.

¿Podrían también indicarme el horario para realizar el check-in y el check-out? Could you also let me know the time to check-in and check-out?

Saludo cordial, Regards,


In addition to this first sample, take a look at some extra questions you would probably like to add to your email:

¿Cuenta con piscina? = Does it have a swimming pool?

¿Es climatizada? = Is it climatized?

¿Tiene gimnasio/spa/sauna? = Does it have a gym/a spa/a sauna?

¿El desayuno está incluido? = Is breakast included?

¿Es desayuno continental? = Is it a continental breakfast?

¿Posee restaurante? = Does it have a restaurant?

¿Hay área de juegos para niños? = Is there a kids area with games?

¿Las habitaciones tienen wifi? = Do rooms have wifi?

¿La habitación tiene vista al mar/a las montañas/a la ciudad? = Does the room have a view to the sea/to the mountains/to the city?

¿El estacionamiento está incluido? = Is parking included?

¿Cuánto cuesta el late check-out? = How much does late check-out cost?

¿Hay aire acondicionado/calefacción en las habitaciones? = Do rooms have air conditioning/heating?

¿Puedo solicitar traslado desde el aeropuerto al hotel? = Can I request transfer from the airport to the hotel?

¿Podría pagar con Visa/Mastercard/cheque/en efectivo? = Could I pay with Visa/Mastercard/cheque/cash?

It seems like you are now ready to start with your booking arrangements! We hope this Survival Travel Spanish lesson was helpful. And, where are you planning to go?

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