practice writing Spanish

Write to speak fluent Spanish

Writing is perhaps the last thing we would practice when we learn Spanish.When we start learning Spanish we usually focus more on getting fluent. Practicing writing is not as fun and glamorous as practicing speaking-we usually think about it as a tedious, boring and lonely chore.

However, writing is an essential step leading to fluency, because:


1.Practice writing Spanish is a far less intimidating way to practice than speaking

Have you ever felt tongue-tied when you speak? Not having the right word on your tongue? Feeling your grammar all over the place? Speaking happens in real time and requires instantaneous response, while during writing you can take all your time to build your sentences and even look up the right words in the dictionary.


2. Practice writing helps to structure your sentences faster

Have you ever stumble on putting the verbs and adjectives in the right order when you speak? Struggle with the right gender and the right article to go with? Getting your sentences written down on a paper would help you to see more clearly how sentences should be formed, and help you to get it right faster the next time you speak.


3. Writing helps you to build vocabulary

Writing helps you to learn new words, and by using them and practicing them in writing you start memorizing them.


So how can we get started? There are 3 fun and easy ways to practice:


1. Write your to-do-list, memo, grocery list and schedule in Spanish.

Start with something simple, short and daily would help us to turn it into a habit.

So instead scribbling “Dinner with Jean Friday 8pm”, start writing “Cena con Jean viernes a las 8pm” on your schedule!


2. Write your diary in Spanish

Writing down a few sentences of your thoughts everyday would help you to learn how to express yourself in Spanish, and it is a good way to vent your emotion and keep secret thoughts to yourself (Works perfect if your family or your significant other doesn’t speak Spanish!).


3. Write your Facebook status in Spanish

After you have been doing the first 2 things for a while you might feel more daring to make your writing go public. Impress your friends with your new Spanish skills by writing your Facebook status in Spanish! When you gained “likes” you will feel more motivated to keep going.


Want more serious practice and feedback on your writing? Book a Skype Spanish class with our native Spanish teachers!