Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips

​Your essential ​guide for learning Spanish for tango and traveling to Buenos Aires

The most comprehensive guide that every Argentine tango dancer would need.​

Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips

​What is in the book?

Learn Spanish in 3 months

A tried-and-true strategy for tangueros to learn the basics of Spanish in only 3 months.

Survival Spanish

​Spanish vocabulary and phrases you need for milongas, tango classes, shoe shopping and more.

​Tips for traveling in Buen​os Aires

​Money saving tips for your tango trip; how to stay safe in Argentina, plus phrases for handling emergencies. 

​       Reviews from readers

​Eddie Chiu

What I like about this book is that it doesn't try to overwhelm the readers with a lot of information. Instead it relates only the essentials, rather comprehensive really, for an enjoyable and safe trip to Buenos Aires. Written by a tanguera for the community, I am more than happy to add that to my tango collection.

This book delivers exactly what the titles says AND MORE! It's full resources, tips, and essential information not only for learning Spanish but goes into detail on cultural differences between Argentinian Spanish and the Spanish spoken in other countries. As someone who grew up speaking Spanish, but never formally studied it I realized that I was misusing some of the words (so embarrassing). The last thing I'll say is that Tango Spanish makes learning fun and keeps you engaged which is necessary for language learning. Take it from someone who has studied six foreign languages.

I first purchased it two months ago, then I purchased another 3 paperback versions, to give as a gift to my friends learning Spanish. I found in it a wealth of useful information. I enjoyed mostly the references to the unique character of the Argentine Spanish, especially the references to the Italianisms and specifically to the wide use of Lunfardo, which is such a rich language in itself. This book is a must for anybody that really wants to communicate effectively with an Argentine person.

Tango Spanish: Essential phrase book for tango class

Tango Spanish Essential Phrase Book for Tango Class

​The most comprehensive phrase book for tango class and tango shoe shopping

​What is in the book?

Spanish keywords for tango class

​​Body parts; action and movement; tango figures and techniques; common phrases said by teachers and students and more.

​​Essential phrases for tango shoe shopping

Vocabulary and phrases you will need for communicating your preferences and needs with the salesperson, plus bargaining.

​Audio for ​learn to speak the words

​​Download audios for all the Spanish keywords and phrases for learning the Spanish pronunciation.

​ Reviews from readers

​​Stephen K. Lang

A well-thought book. The authors definitely have practical insight into the Argentine Tango scene in Bs. As. The materials are concise and useful. I wished I had this at hand when I was in Bs. As. taking classes, going out to Milongas or shopping for shoes. This book is quite a short-cut to learn the relevant Spanish words and phrases to make tango life enjoyable in Bs. As.


​This book will be more useful for a Tango dancer visiting Buenos Aires than a general Spanish phrase book. It lists phrases as they are actually said in Buenos Aires, and the included audio tracks let you hear the Buenos Aires accent.

For dancers, there is a list of the names of the steps in Tango and phrases heard in Tango lessons and in the dance halls (milongas). There is also an interesting story of Tango in a wash-room!

For clothes shoppers, there is a comprehensive list of the names of body parts, shown as an illustration.

For shoe shoppers, there is an illustration of the parts of ladies’ shoes including such detail as “el contrafuerte:” the back stiffener. There is also a list of materials and colours and useful phrases such as, “Would you make more holes in the strap for me?” A must for buying or having shoes made.

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