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micaella teachers

Micaella Digenio is a South American Spanish teacher who has been in the education business since 2010. In the past, she taught students of different nationalities online. Currently she is devoted to her school - Master Spanish Now - codirecting it with her partner Jeanie Tsui,  in order to offer high-quality Spanish classes via Skype to worldwide students. She has co-authored the book "Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips", available at Amazon.com 

Jeanie Tsui has been working in the tertiary education sector for over 7 years. Inspired by her personal experience as an avid tanguera (Argentine tango dancer) and Spanish learner, she co-founded Master Spanish Now with her partner Micaella Digenio, and developed the signature program of the institute- Tango Spanish course-a specially designed program which aims to help her fellow tangueros to learn Argentine Spanish and understanding the culture and essence of tango. Her book "Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips" (Co-authored with Micaella Digenio) as well as her blog posts on various Spanish topics related to tango has been well received by the tango community. 

Clara is a great teacher and our Skype classes are both fun and effective. She is engaging and supportive and is happy to tailor classes to topics I would like to cover. I now feel much more confident speaking Spanish. Gracias :).

Debbie H - London, UK

Skype Spanish Class

Marcela is a very experienced teacher and is supportive in the class. Her knowledge is not only for teaching language but also cultural aspect that enlightening me more to learn Spanish

Hiromi - Japan

Tango Spanish class

I am very happy to have found “Argentinean Spanish”. It is very unique and slightly different from Spain Spanish. I was able to relate and understand more in the place where tango was born. (...) Learning through ‘skype’ with this program is efficient and easy. I will surely continue until one day, I can converse fluently with my Argentinean tangueros.

Christina - New York, US

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