Take Tango Spanish lessons and immerse in Tango culture and music

Stella Missé tells you why it's important to learn Spanish for tango

Tango Spanish Course

Get a real understanding of Tango and its essence.

Do you want to understand the tango lyrics, connect to the music and dance in the right mood?

You can. Our teachers from Buenos Aires who are also milongueras will help you understand the lyrics, music, slangs and culture of tango while teaching you Spanish.

Learn Rioplatense  Spanish

The Spanish spoken in Argentina and used in tango which you don’t usually get to learn in ordinary Spanish classes.

Spanish for every Tango occasion

Learn Spanish that you will need for tango classes, milongas, and tango trip to Buenos Aires.

Argentine Tangueras will teach you

Our Argentine teachers who are tangueras themselves know about the specific Spanish learning needs for tangueros and can help you to understand the authentic tango culture.

Take your Tango to the next level

As your Spanish knowledge advance you will see how it enriches your tango: you will be able to appreciate the lyrics and connect to the emotion of the song when you dance.

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Tango Spanish class


“I am very happy to have found “Argentinean Spanish”. It is very unique and slightly different from Spain Spanish. I was able to relate and understand more in the place where tango was born. I love tango, and I love the Argentinean Spanish. People described it as ‘singing’ Spanish. Marcela is very patience with me. Sometimes we go off the topic and just talk about anything. I’m so glad to meet her in person in Buenos Aires, along with Bagui, her dog. (Sometimes he joined us during our session). Learning through ‘skype’ with this program is efficient and easy. I will surely continue until one day, I can converse fluently with my Argentinean tangueros.”

Christina Chin, New York

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