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    Online calendar for booking classes that works around your schedule. Take Spanish class ​​anywhere with internet connection.
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    Tailored lessons especially designed by our native tutors. Forget about standardized courses that suit no one. 
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    ​​Regular email newsletters with Spanish learning tips to boost your language exposure and practice. 

We know how stressful it can be to learn a new language from scratch, when you ​have a packed schedule, and feeling you're not making any progress. Quitting is not an option...

If you're reading this page it's possible you have ​been looking at many online Spanish learning options, and ​you may not sure which is the right one for you. Many ​online Spanish courses offer a standardized self paced program. But we know you do not only want the course itself, you need a course that actually guarantees you'll learn Spanish.

It ​can be frustrating to purchase an online course and feel no one follows up and you don't have anyone to ask questions to. You may be good at ​self-learning, but language learning requires the company of an instructor who ensure you are on the right track.

If you feel your Spanish is going nowhere, why not try a different ​learning method?

“Learning Spanish doesn't have to be a frustrating or a long process. You can get result in a short period of time i​f you have chosen the right instructor, with the right experience to help you along the way. "

By choosing us you'll get

the following benefits:

​Flexible Hours

​Use our online calendar, Acuity, to book your classes at any time that suits you best.

Professional & Native

Being a native doesn't make one a teacher. Our instructors are not only native speakers but true professionals with lots of experience teaching foreign students.

​Tailored Courses

We know you don't want a copy of a standard course that doesn't​ suit your specific needs. That's why our classes are especially designed by our tutors to suit your level and learning goals.

"A real school for real students..."

"Classes at Master Spanish Now have helped me learn not only Spanish language and grammar but also become aware of significant cultural aspects of the language. I'm glad I've found a school that treats me like a real student and cares about my learning."

- Anna J. (Hong Kong)

This is How we Design our Courses To Suit your Specific Needs at No Extra Cost

"Every student is Unique, so we plan a different Class for every student"

Recently, more and more people have c​ontacted our school asking for a course that would help them communicate with the locals easily at any Spanish speaking country. Our tutors, after assessing their level would then plan a course to help them get to where they want fast.

The course doesn't have a fixed content. It depends whether the student wants to communicate for pleasure, business, etc. It's always adapted to the ​real need of the student. There's no time for useless knowledge, it's better to focus on what you really need.

What Our School Offers:


The best Online Booking Calendar

"No matter where you are, you can always book a class, 24/7."

We've been working with Acuity Calendar as we find it the best booking solution available in the market. You can have your account, book your classes, manage your credits, meet the teachers available, and so on.

Carefully Selected Native & Professional Tutors from Argentina and Spain

Spanish Blog & Facebook Community

We are posting new vocabulary and expressions daily on our Facebook page, sharing lots of useful Spanish resources to boost your Spanish. In our blog you'll also find plenty of tips to speed up your learning process and get the most out of our classes.

Tango Spanish class

"Efficient and easy"

"Learning through ‘skype’ with this program is efficient and easy. I will surely continue until one day, I can converse fluently with my Argentinean tangueros."

- Christina, from New York (Tango dancer)

Skype Spanish Class

"Not just a language course"

"Her knowledge is not only for teaching language but also cultural aspects that enlighten me more to learn Spanish"

- Hiromi, Hong Kong 


"You get more than with other courses..."

"With other courses I felt I was not prepared to speak the language. With these classes, I feel that after each class I know how to handle a new situation that I might experience on my next trip"

- Lucy, Hong Kong  (Business Consultant)


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What You’ll Get...

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    Flexible Class Hours
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    Native & Professional Tutors from Spain and Argentina
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    Blog & Facebook Community
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    Tailored Content that Suits your Needs

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You are fully protected by our  Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you purchase a package-plan and change your mind about taking the classes, we'll refund the classes you haven't taken (the only cost will be the transaction cost charged by PayPal to send you the money back).

"We hope that you end up ordering more classes! But if you feel this isn't the right time, or change your mind, don't worry. We'll love to have you back in the future!"


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