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12 Romantic Spanish Phrases for Lovers

Want to learn some romantic Spanish phrases to woo your sweetheart? Spanish is known to be the most passionate and sexy language, why don’t you learn a few cute, sexy Spanish phrases to spice up your love life; to surprise and win the heart of tu amor (your love), telling him or her “Te quiero” (I love you)?

In this post we have assembled 12 romantic Spanish phrases to say your novio/novia (boyfriend/girlfriend)!

Here comes our top Spanish love phrases:

1.Te quiero

I love you

The literal translation of “Te quiero” is “I want you”, but in fact it is a common way of how Spaniards say “I love you” to their loved one.

2. Te amo

I love you.

This is a more formal way of saying “I love you”.

3. Estoy enamorado(a) de ti.

I am in love with you.

Enamorado means “in love”, and this adjective needs to match with the gender of the speaker. So if you are a man, say “estoy enamorado”; if you are a girl, it would be “estoy enamorada”.   

4. Te quiero con toda mi alma

I love you with all of my soul.

5. Eres el amor de mi vida

You are the love of my life.

6. Cada día te quiero más

Each day I love you more.

7. Eres mi todo

You are my everything.

8. Besarte es como ver las estrellas

To kiss you is like seeing stars.

9.Quiero estar contigo para siempre

I want to be with you forever.

10. Te amo desde el fondo de mi corazón

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

11.Te amo, tu me complementas

I love you, you complete me.

12. Tu eres mi alma gemela

You are my soulmate.

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