Valentine’s day

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day in Latin America

People celebrate Valentine’s Day worldwide. Although its origin dates back to the Roman Empire, now it has become very popular. So everyone is looking forward to this day, especially those who have found their better half!

This tradition is more and more celebrated in Latin America. However, the commercial impact is lower than in other countries as they consider the day mainly as an opportunity to celebrate love and friendship.

Mexico, Love and Friendship:

In Mexico they celebrate “El día de la Amistad y el Amor” (Friendship and Love’s Day) on February, 14th and it’s a popular day to get engaged, and even to get married. The day is about showing love and affection to your friends and family. A famous TV ad that has become part of Mexicans’ traditions said “‘Regale aprecio, no lo compre” (Give away affection, don’t buy it). However, nowadays presents are part of the celebration, too.

In Guatemala the celebration is similar. They call it “El día del Cariño” (The day of affection). This way people can show their affection and care to friends and family.

Valentine’s Day and the “secret friend”

In Colombia they celebrate Valentine’s Day in September, as spring starts in September in Latin America. Everyone considers it to be the most romantic season of the year. It’s common to play a game called “Amigo invisible” or “Amigo secreto” (Invisible friend, or secret friend). To play this game, people in a group (at work, or with family or friends) put their names in little pieces of paper inside a bag. Then, everyone takes a name, and they must find a gift to give to this person. Finally, on the day of the celebration everyone brings the presents and puts them all together. Presents come with clues for the person to guess who is giving the gift.

Sometimes to have more fun, people leave clues on the person’s desk or send them clues for them to start guessing in advance!


Día del Estudiante in Bolivia 

In Bolivia they celebrate  the “Día del Estudiante, de la Juventud, de la Primavera y el Amor” (Students, Youth, Spring and Love’s Day). They do that on September, 21st., as it is the day Spring starts. It is a moment to share with your loved ones and say how much you care about them.

And, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country? Is there a similar celebration?

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Romantic Spanish for lovers

12 Romantic Spanish Phrases for Lovers

Valentine ’s Day is coming, are you looking for romantic words to say to your sweetheart? Spanish is known to be the most passionate and sexy language, why don’t you learn a few cute Spanish phrases so to spice up your love life; to surprise and win the heart of tu amor(your love), telling him or her that “Te quiero” (I love you)?


In this post we have assembled 12 romantic Spanish phrases to say your novio/novia (boyfriend/girlfriend)!


Here comes our top Spanish love phrases:


1.Te quiero

I love you


The literal translation of “Te quiero” is “I want you”, but in fact it is a common way of how Spaniards say “I love you” to their loved one.


2. Te amo

I love you.


This is a more formal way of saying “I love you”.


3. Estoy enamorado(a) de ti.

I am in love with you.


Enamorado means “in love”, and this adjective needs to match with the gender of the speaker. So if you are a man, say “estoy enamorado”; if you are a girl, it would be “estoy enamorada”.   


4. Te quiero con toda mi alma

I love you with all of my soul.


5. Eres el amor de mi vida

You are the love of my life.


6. Cada día te quiero más

Each day I love you more.


7. Eres mi todo

You are my everything.


8. Besarte es como ver las estrellas

To kiss you is like seeing stars.


9.Quiero estar contigo para siempre

I want to be with you forever.


10. Te amo desde el fondo de mi corazón

I love you from the bottom of my heart.


11.Te amo, tu me complementas

I love you, you complete me.


12. Tu eres mi alma gemela

You are my soulmate.


Which romantic phrase you like most? Leave a comment and let us know!


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